do I think rating music by numbers is pointless? YES!

do I think it’s really fun? YES

so am I doing it? YES!

BUT, what I mean by the number is the enjoyment I get from what the music does in that category, and maybe how well it achieves what i think it should/could/wants to achieve in that category

Here’s what I mean by the categories:

MELODY & HARMONY: do i think the tune is good, do i think the chords are good, etc

WORDS: do i like the tune

VOICE : Is it a nice voice? Do i like listening to it?

STRUCTURE: Do i like the why the bits of the song are organised

PRODUCTION & ARRANGEMENT: Do I like what the different bits are doing, and what things are doing the different bits, and when?

COOLNESS/STYLE: Do they give a fuck? Do i like that? some people might say it’s not cool to be cool, or that cool is what you think it is, or something, but I think some things are just really cool, even if I don’t like them that much. Blondie, for example, or NWA. I enjoy their coolness

ORIGINALITY/NEWNESS: I find it hard to enjoy sort of…consciously retro stuff….I think it’s good when music sounds new and fresh. Why do i think this? It seems obvious, but I can’t explain it yet. So that’s a failing on my part, for which I can only apologise.

CATCHYNESS: Can i sing it back after hearing it once? twice? thrivce? frice? fice? Is it too catchy? Is it just dumb? I like songs to be the right amount catchy, and that is not a fixed amount, because it depends on what the song is trying to do.

CONNECTION/EMOTIONAL HOLD: Does it make me wanna cry/laugh/smile/dance/sing/hug my dog/etc

MORALITY/INTENT: Is it just written by some harvard schmuck because he thinks the kids will lap it up? Is it horribly sexist or racist? Does it care about anything but itself? If so, I will find it harder to like it

and that’s it. all those out of ten make a possible hundred. if a song is ONE HUNDRED, i couldn’t like it more. if a song is ZERO, i couldn’t hate a piece of music more. thanx


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